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Naked Pilates?

Posted by amppilates on January 10, 2012 at 9:15 PM


So you have heard of naked Yoga and it's popularity is growing but what do you think of naked Pilates?


We have been looking around and it seems that there are valid arguments for doing both Yoga and

Pilates naked. Some articles we have seen have said that it means a better, freeing connection to the

movements at hand. Also it's liberating, allowing you to get over the insecurities of our own body. Some

of the common comments are that you can't cheat when you’re naked.There is no way to cheat when it

comes to connecting to your core or the movements in the exercises when the instructor can see it all.

There seems to be a connection to yourself, you can connect mind and body when there is nothing

restricting you. Last naked Yoga and Pilates has been described as symbolic to renouncing

materialism that can engulf us these days. Nakedness it seems can be a means to letting go and

reaching enlightenment. It all seems to make since and we might just jump on board this freeing,

liberating, confidence boosting ride. Some of the oppositions to naked yoga and naked Pilates are the

injury factor. Many people seemed to be concerned with certain areas bouncing around or getting

"caught". Also manypeople were concerned with being bashful, some comments included the fact that

people couldn't exercise in just a sports bra let alone with nothing on.

Naked Yoga and Pilates seems to be catching on with men more than women as they seem to have

less insecurity about their bodies. Who knows if this is here to stay but for now there are retreats

devoted entirely to naked Yoga and Pilates and classes in larger cities have caught on. 

Below are some links to naked Yoga and Pilates articles...


We haven't decided yet if naked is the way to go but a little Panty Pilates ™ might be just as fun! Let us know what you think!





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